check exchange replication – powershell task

a client had some wan issues, the exchange dag didn’t like it, this script will detect and resume automagically 🙂
$h = Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -ident "Main Database\EXCHANGE-DR"
$c = $h.CopyQueueLength
$s = $h.Status
if ($c -gt 0){
Resume-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity "Main Database\EXCHANGE-DR" -ReplicationOnly -confirm:$false
Write-Host "Resuming"}
elseif ($c -eq 0){Write-Host "we are good"}
if ($s -ne "Healthy"){
Resume-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity "Main Database\EXCHANGE-DR" -ReplicationOnly -confirm:$false
write-host "Detected not Healthy status, resuming"}

Public Folder Calendar not showing events for 1 user

Clarify: Single user cannot view the items on public calendar folder, right?


1. Go to affected user’s OWA, check public calendar folder from there

2. Open affected user’s outlook in safe mode Run->outlook /safe>

Notes: it can disable the influences from most 3rd-party Add-ons

3. Open affected user’s outlook with switch “Cleanviews” < Start->Run->outlook / Cleanviews>

Notes: Restores default views. All custom views user created are removed

4. Add a new mail profile with same affected user’s info on affected pc, check if the issue still persists

5. Create a new mail profile for affected user on a testing pc, check if the issue still persists

Collect info:

Windows client OS and outlook version

One user can’t see public folders on outlook.