vRA 6.2 to vRA 6.2.1 Upgrade How to.

There isn’t any documentation that I can find for the upgrade notes for 6.2.1 vRA yet, however that didn’t stop me from upgrading our dev environment to check it out!

UPDATE: 3/17/2015, our VMRC proxy wasn’t working, there is a tiny mention of port 8444 here . don’t forget to add a virtual pool and members for port 8444 behind the load balancer! (we are using F5)

Suppose to follow the documentation for 6.2, but there are a few things that need to noted.

you finally don’t have to upgrade .NET, which is amazing.

snapshot everything!!! and don’t forget to back up your database!
Get-ResourcePool vcac03* | Get-VM | New-Snapshot -Name “pre-6.2.1” -Memory:$false -Quiesce:$false

got to love me some powercli 🙂

First, make sure your dim status is showing up as excuting zero work loads, other wise database upgrade issues will happen.

if it’s not zero wait a few mins and check again, it will be!

after that stop the vcac services on the following boxes in this order:
MGR – orchestrators
MGR – service
next attach the update repo iso (VMware-vCAC-Appliance- it to the cd-rom drive, log into the first app box and go under update – settings – choose cd -rom, then go back to status and check for updates.

after that click install and wait 15 mins or so, stay on that page and DON’T do anything. it will display below

after that reboot and wait for 15 mins and you’ll have 29 services. (note the console proxy is not registered yet in this picture)

download the dbupgrade script and run it against the sql database, shouldn’t take long at all… (few seconds) you can see the schema has in fact been updated so make sure this is done!

when that is done hop onto the iaas box and download the iaas installer from the 6.2.1 web app box

(note: run the installer on the iaas box…. thanks Jonathon…)

up next go down the line in order below

mgr service
mgr orchestrators
DEM workers

after that you are done!! congratulations!

move on the vco boxes and call it a day.
power them off and snap them then power them back on!

Get-ResourcePool vcac03* | Get-VM | New-Snapshot -Name “6.2.1-done” -Memory:$false -Quiesce:$false

curious thing I noticed that was the build on the webpage is Build 6.2.1-2543390, however for the app it is Appliance Version: Build 2553372