vcac update changes configuration files.

So there is a little issue when upgrading to from 6.0.1 (which is the only supported way.. have to upgrade to 6.0.1 from 6.0 first).
This has only been noticed on the ISO attached cd rom for the update, so I don’t know about the others (seeing how it’s not released on the repository yet)

That removes A LOT of info from the server information. Like it’s db connection, it’s cluster settings… etc.. etc…
Here are the files I have noticed it changing (note only the files that are talked about in the distributed architecture have been checked against, so more configuration file might have actually been changed)
Located in /etc/vcac/

Located in /etc/apache2

the two files that are changed

The following files are changed,

The lines are missing in setenv-core for clustering and the café.node
VCAC_OPTS=”$VCAC_OPTS -Dcluster.cache.invalidation.poll.enabled=true”

Server.xml appears to be a different format all together, but contains the data, here you can see where it over wrote the database connection in Global Naming Resources, not sure what else has changed here.
the local host setting for clustering appears changed

However we are manually reconfiguring those two files and modifying the the café.node. instance id manually.

Just throwing this out there for anyone that is about to uprade to, you have been warned!!

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